Kasirini Sales and Business Application

No more money difference, no more overtime due to sales recap, no more lost product because it’s not recorded. Everyone can use Kasirini

Trusted by more than 10000+ successful entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia.


Costs saved when using Kasirini


Cities & regencies in Indonesia are affordable by Kasirini

Need a system that can sell online and sell in stores?

Using Kasirini you can sell online and sell in the store at the same time, managing sales from anywhere is easy.

A sales system designed according to the needs of each of your businesses.

Use Different Prices for Many Types of Sales at Once

Set your own price for each of your sales, you can set different prices for store prices, online, shipping etc.

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Need an easy system to manage stock, employees and customers?

Use Kasirini, manage stock, employees, customers, everything is very easy, you can do it from anywhere, and also without internet

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Most Liked Main Features

What are the features of Kasirini that thousands of entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia like the most? You will surely fall in love too

Sell Online and Offline

You can sell online and offline easily, even without the Internet Kasirini can still be used smoothly.

Accept All Payment Methods

Accept payments from Cash, Debit, Credit, E-Wallet, QRIS, all can use Kasirini.

Manage Product Stock

You can easily manage all your products, including purchases, opname, and waste

Manage Customers

You can easily manage your customers, give discounts to your customers to make them more loyal

Report for All Outlets and All Devices

You can monitor all reports for all your outlets and all your devices, nothing is missed

Busiest Hours Report, Best Selling Items

You can set a business strategy after knowing the busiest hours and the best-selling items.

Don't just do business as usual, let's understand your business data and grow your business!

Using Kasirini, you can get all the business analysis and reports you need to grow your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know Kasirini

Kasirini is a sales and entrepreneur application that has POS, sales, bookkeeping, management and reports in 1 application.

Kasirini is Free

Kasirini can be used Free for any business. No need to worry about additional costs at a later date.

Application to record sales or can be called a cash register / Point of Sales(POS) system
Yes, you can, Kasirini's advantage is that it doesn't depend on the internet, all activities can be done 100% without internet after registering.
Yes you can, Kasirini requires a cellphone / tablet with a minimum of Android 4.4 or Kitkat and a minimum of 1 GB RAM memory
Kasirini can be used for unlimited devices, you can add devices by email or by serial number.

Do you want a Cashier System that can help you manage your business?

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